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Tonight, [ profile] thoughtsdriftby and I were watching the second-season finale to Fox's Sleepy Hollow On Demand -- and it cut off at 41 minutes of 55, right as the intensity was building to the big climax.

Here's the problem: Sleepy Hollow is something of a guilty pleasure. It's a quirky, high-concept show, with baroque, convoluted plotlines held together largely by the sheer charm and chemistry of the two leads, and it's largely been flailing around for the latter half of this season, trying to find its footing after the resolution of the main McGuffin of the original story arc. When you slam into a brick wall right as everything is about to be resolved to set up for next season's baroque, convoluted plotline ... all those twisty plot threads just kind of fall into a tangle, and you find yourself wondering why you were so caught up in such a ludicrous, cornball cheesefest.

I am hoping that most of this is being angry at Comcast. On an intellectual level, I would vaguely like to find out what happens to Ichabod and Abigail in those last ten minutes, and where they're going to leave them for summer break ... or leave them entirely, since the show's renewal status still seems to be up in the air. This has just delivered a solid hit on my emotional investment in the show.


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