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It's actually spelled Æþelind, and pronounced with a long "A".

It means "noble serpent" in Old English, and I've discovered, to my surprise, that a very similar name was actually used historically.

Originally, I spelled it "Æthelind" when writing by hand, but "Aethelind" just looked wrong when typing. I think one of my early BBS hang-outs or e-mail providers had a maximum of eight letters—which is particularly amusing in this day and age, when 6 to 8 alphanumerics is often a minimum.

If I actually have proper Unicode access, of course, then "AE Ligature-Thorn-E-L-I-N-D" is eight letters, but I'm not going to fight with log-in screens and Old English characters.

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...seriously, who writes these things? This is the Internet -- don't most people have a plethora of names?

Or does my sample group have a peculiar bias?

Here's a variation: do you consider your LJ handle or other online noms de guerre to be "names", or just "handles"?

"Athelind" is most definitely another "name" for me. I'm well-known online as "Athelind" or "Your Obedient Serpent" -- better known by far than I am by my legal name. A number of my friends and acquaintances call me "Athe" even in face-to-face conversations.

Hell, some people I know on Second Life call me "Athelind" even when I'm logged in under yet another name.


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