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This is making the rounds of my Friends List; for those who haven't seen it yet, it's my turn to share.

I always said that Unca Carl was a poet.

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It occurs to me that Your Obedient Serpent has been remiss in his duties; despite having seen Mr. Abrams' Star Trek twice, I have yet to give my loyal readers any semblance of a review.

The short review:

Hooray! I'm 10 years old again!

I'm ten years old, and Star Trek is once again new and fresh and exciting. It's full of action and adventure. It's optimistic and bright without being smug and self-satisfied. It's dangerous and exciting without being a dark, dismal, Crapsack World.

When Mr. Abrams said, over the last year or two, that he "wasn't really a Star Trek fan", he was, evidently, lying through his teeth. And I applaud him for it.

The movie is wonderous. It hits every note perfectly. The funny parts don't slow down or cheapen the genuine urgency; the shout-outs and continuity nods are quick and casual. [ profile] quelonzia missed some that I caught, and I missed some the first time that I caught the second time around.

I got choked up at the very beginning; Quel got choked up at the end.

The cast is splendid, simultaneously hearkening to the original portrayals of the characters, yet making the roles entirely their own. Zachary Quinto manages to do this with Leonard Nimoy standing right there.

For those poor, benighted souls who have not yet seen this spectacle on the big screen, I shall politely put the remainder of this behind a spoiler cut. )

If you haven't seen it yet, go now. Boldly.


May. 30th, 2008 08:06 am
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My driver's license is the letter "A" plus seven digits. That's the same length as a phone number (shorter, if you count area codes), and I've had this number longer than I've ever had any given phone number.

Why, then, is it so hard for me to commit it to memory?

To all and sundry: Thanks for all the feedback on yesterday's job-hunt posts. I've got a stack of leads to chase down, and I'm following up on'em.

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I don't often talk about religious, metaphysical or philosophical matters. My contemplations in these arenas are elusive things, and words are a poor and coarse net in which to attempt to snare them.

On rare occasion, however, I encounter something that drives me, however briefly, to attempt to communicate something of my opinions.

There is nothing I consider greater evidence for the existence of a benevolent divinity than a reminder of just how amazingly, elegantly miraculous the laws of nature that govern existence are.

I understand neither the fundamentalist religionists, nor the fundamentalist atheists; the more I learn about the world, the more deeply I understand the principles that govern it, the more keenly aware I become of the Divine.

How is a Supernatural Entity assembling each individual creature in a static, unchanging world more inspiring or miraculous than a cosmos where such things spontaneously arise from the very nature of information itself?

How can you not see the Hand of God in evolution, when He has granted us the privilege of watching his fingers mold the clay of reality itself?

Emergence reflects Immanence.

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