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It's a little late at this stage, but just to clarify matters:

Despite previous reports to the contrary, both [ profile] quelonzia and I will be attending Further Confusion this year.

Quel will be there on Saturday; I will be there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with possible cameos on Thursday night and Monday morning.

Caution: Due to circumstances that should be familiar to anyone who reads this journal regularly, my moods will be erratic. I may be cheerful and energetic; I may be quiet and wistful, I may be irritable and flat-out bitey. I may be all of these things in rapid succession.

I intend to be cliquish. There are a lot of good friends that I only ever see at FC, and my main reason for going this year is to see them.

When approaching the dragon, do not initiate hugs. If the dragon is huggable, he will initiate.

Do not skritch the dragon.

Oh, and this does seem to be allergies, after all. I am not Patient Zero!
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For everyone using the 2009 Ozy & Millie Calendar, and possibly other 2009 calendars from CafePress: no matter what the November page might say,

Today is not November 31st.

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Due to various circumstances, [ profile] quelonzia and I will not be attending Further Confusion 2010.

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This has been a test of the Emergency Dragon System. Had this been an actual dragon, you would have been devoured, and fiery carnage would have rained from the skies.
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I've seen this spelling error twice in the last few days, so I just thought I'd give you a quick visual guide:

This is a faun.

This is a fawn.

Thank you for your time and attention.
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Hugo Awards Logo Contest

Although the rocket atop the Hugo Award has been one of the most visible signs of excellence in science fiction and fantasy for more than fifty years, there has never been an official logo to designate works as Hugo Award nominees or winners. The World Science Fiction Society now aims to change that by soliciting designs for such a logo, with the winning design to be the official logo suitable for use in the publishing and film/television industries.

Lifted pretty much verbatim from [ profile] snobahr. RAAR!
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The phrase "Thinking Outside The Box" is now officially Inside The Box.

Thank you.

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