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I read webcomics.

I read a lot of webcomics.

I read enough of them that I have my bookmarks organized into Daily Strips (divided into Strips That Update In The Morning and Strips That Update At Night), and Weekly Strips (divided by day, with strips that update, on, say, MWF having bookmarks in all appropriate folders).

When a new strip catches my eye, I add it to my bookmarks.

In the past, external circumstances have cropped up every year or two that turn ploughing through that list into a tedious chore. The most common one is spending a week or so on dial-up because we've just moved, though landing a job with a long commute can have the same effect.

Things like that really help separate the wheat from the chaff: I become keenly aware of which comics I read because I actually enjoy them, and which ones I just check out of habit and inertia.

Nothing like that has happened in quite a long time now; the last time I trimmed my list was in April 2007, right after landing the contract with the civil engineering firm in Monterey.

Nonetheless, I've found myself skipping The List—and not on particularly busy days, either. I'll blow it off for the whole of a Day Off.

Obviously, it's time to trim again. It's time to answer the question, "what strips do I actively enjoy?"

This may get gruesome. My goal is decimation, in the Gouldian "nine out of ten" sense. Marginal strips are going to fall.

It's all in the name of Getting My Lazy Ass AFK.

Addendum: Well, I didn't hit the Gouldian definition, but I did substantially better than the "one-in-ten" inverse. My list is most assuredly decimated, and more strips are probably going to fall by the wayside as the week progresses, and I find that they just aren't amusing me.


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